Saturday, April 10, 2010


The run up to Roubaix has been stunning this year. Cancellara is displaying world-class form, Boonen is riding right at the top of his game and the races we've seen thus far have all been riveting. Boonen has already knocked out 4 second place finishes in the classics campaign. He's maintained a (Belgian) sense of humor and is still my top pick for the Roubaix podium. Plus, he appears to be keeping clear of coke and I always like to see that.

Cancellara has seemed super-human as he can pull away from sprinters like Boonen without leaving his saddle. I've always liked Spartacus. Dude's got class. Remember Flanders last year, when his chain broke at the bottom of the Koppenberg? He went back, picked it up and hammed it up with the press and fans while the race tore on without him. What can you do? (Take note here, Matti Breschel, nobody likes to watch a child throw a tantrum).

My podium (not that anyone cares):
1.) Boonen
2.) Cancellara
3.) Hushovd

Sadly, unless purple bunny rabbits begin to fall from the sky while ACDC's Highway to hell blares out from the clouds above, then Hincapie's probably not going to make the top 5 (although THAT would be pretty good).

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