Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Minor Complaint

The wintertime hath arrived.

I am a little disappointed in whoever's controlling the weather, as they seem to have forgotten to include fall in this year's lineup. Remember the cool-but-not-cold, golden-lit, season of change? The gentle epoch that eases the harsh transition from summer to winter? I like fall, it's my favorite season really, And 3-10 inches of wet, white snow is a far cry from "fall"

I find it hard to be too grumpy though, because something else arrived yesterday, courtesy of UPS:

I present you with, perhaps, the coolest pair of Chuck Taylors ever made. Custom built per my sisters' specifications, and all for me.


  1. The snow is FALLing. Who's Peffy?

  2. Peffy is Jeff's sticky-sweet nickname. Courtesy of his sister, Tracy. :-)