Friday, September 11, 2009

The Table

Everyone knows that if you want to sit at the cool kids table at a cyclocross race, you need a few things:

A working knowledge of embrocation including -- And this is important -- A full understanding of the order of application. (Put on bike shorts first. THEN apply embrocation.  Trust me, if it keeps your bare knees warm in 30 degree weather, it will keep your junk roughly: the surface temperature of the sun.)  You won't be sitting at ANY table if your nether-regions are burning with unquenchable hellfire. -- Sidenote: "Balls Aflame" ... Good band name?

A healthy love of WAFFLES.  Oh jesus, I can't even type that word without salivating a little bit.

A borderline psychotic-man-crush on either Lars Boom or Sven Nys, and not both. Thats like siding with god AND the devil, I'm a Sven Nys guy, by the way. That dude's pretty badass.

...And tubular tires...

Enter the Fango. OK, I'm pretty excited about this. Not just a new bike for me this year, but a new wheelset, and some of the more porn-tastic tubies you can get. I finished building the wheels today, first coat of glue is curing. Can't wait to ride them.

I've never gotten to sit at the cool kids table... I wonder if I'll be the only "Journey" fan there?

1 comment:

  1. "Do you like waff-les?" "Yeah I like waff-les!" Yessirree, that's catchy!

    And if you sit at the cool kids table? Who the heck is gonna sit with me?